About Us

We are a family run business, both my sister and I have been in Laser and Beauty business for the last 20 years.

Our ethos in starting our own business is to offer the higher end of treatments and making them affordable for everyone. Our clients experience is paramount offering a free consultation on all our treatments to ensure the client feels at ease and understands how treatments work.  We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and privacy.  

 We can enhance your natural atributes without surgery, 

 why worry about waxing or shaving hair when we can LASER or IPL hair away.  We treat all areas including our most popular area Top lip or Chin and saying good bye to the dark shadow of unwanted hair growth.   Once your hair free it feels great putting on a swimming costume and not having to worry about a shaving rash or hair fringe around the leg area.

We have our Caci Facial which will lift and tone your muscles giving you a non-surgical face lift. A  great workout for the face or a pick me up before that special occasion. 

Our Environ Facials are truly Amazing with an instant result achieved making your skin feel softer and plumped. With regular facial treatments we can repair your skin using Pulsed Waves and Sound Waves to penetrate Serums deep into dermis of your skin. We can treat UV damage caused by the sun or sun beds, helping to normalise uneven skin tone or pigmentation, boosting collagen and elastin, reducing lines/wrinkle, scars, photo-damaged skins, treating congested skins and acne.  We recommend using the Environ AVST Advanced Skin Care Range to continue your facial programme at home.

Environ designed by Dr Des Fernandes MB,BGH,FRGS who is accredited with discovering how Needling can improve the quality of the skin and invented the first skin roller. 

We have more treatments to offer so call us and we can discuss what treatments are right for you.

 Telephone: 01634 851664


Susan Taylor


Sharon Nottage


Our Philosophy

We offer treatments that give our client

 satisfactory results, we want our clients leaving the clinic feeling good and confident about themselves. 

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