With all the treatments above we carry out a Free Consultation to assess what treatments are right for you and to determine if its a treatment or a course of treatments that are needed to achieve the best results. Its important to us we get the right treatment plan for you and  we will take photos of your journey so you can see the amazing results of the before and after.

l​PL Skin Rejuvenation - Line,Wrinkle, Scar Reduction

We promote collagen stimulation using IPL light by tricking the skin into thinking it needs healing, boosting collagen and elastin within the skin. This will improve your skin appearance, skin structure,  refining pore size, reducing lines, wrinkles and scars. Your skin will feel revitalised and restored.


IPL treatments we complete a free consultation to assess to check your suitable for treatment and to start treatment we carryout a Test Patch priced £20. We can take photo to monitor your progress with your course treatments.

CACI Facial Non-surgical Face Lift 
One of the most popular facials know for the natural face lift results.  Using a micro current to gently lift and tighten the muscles within the face, working along side your own natural
bio-electrical field by using probes and selected movements. Lifting around the eyes, sagging joules, cheeks and improving the neck tone. Improving hydration,
stimulating circulation to revive your skins appearance and radiance.  Suitable for all who wants a face lift without going under the knife for results. 

IPL Acne Therapy Treatment

We can destroy the Acne Bacteria that feeds off the sebum which in turn slows down the sebum production.  IPL light will promote collagen production reducing and preventing scarring caused by the Acne Bacteria.

Dermal Abrasion​ Facial & Body
Deep exfoliation leaving the skin feeling refreshed, removing any wanted congestion on the skin surface, refining open pores, reducing scarring and improving stretch marks.  This will promote healthy skin and improve your skin tone.
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